Monday, July 30, 2012

Sphere3® Introduces Trackit!™

Mismanagement of Assets utilization can cost hospital’s millions each year.
Sphere3®, the industry leader in medical device alarm and alert analytics and hospital alignment of medical device strategy, has partnered with TriVestige Consulting to provide Trackit!™ consulting services for RTLS selection, asset management, utilization, and staff workload.

Trackit!™ employs the core principles Sphere3 has used to help hospitals leverage existing technology, plan for new, and identify how to manage the data associated with the purchase. This vendor agnostic approach to market provides greater insight for hospitals in both the selection and application of best of bread products, and best practices processes.

"Our partnership with TriVestige brings cross industry expertise to our growing client base. Our focus is making the patient stay better. Providing the things they need in a timely manner not only improves patient perception but enhances their ability to heal faster. There are great products out there in both the software and hardware - our job is to make the process easier for the hospital" CEO, Kourtney Govro

TriVestige consulting has depth of knowledge into best practices in the distribution and logistics industry. Their expertise is in process optimization, automation, software, and robotics. They provide better throughput results, reduce staff workload, and decrease spending, resulting in millions saved.

"TriVestige is focused on building solid content with replicable processes and enhanced delivery of existing services. We are excited to bring these proven techniques to the healthcare market."

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  1. Kourtney,

    I'll be curious to see what you come up with as best practice for asset tracking. Remember, though, asset tracking is only one aspect of RTLS and to look at it alone limits the potential and long-term savings the hospital could achieve with multiple uses of the same real-time locating system. Wish you well with this new endeavor and look forward to the possibility of a whitepaper on the topic.

    All the best!

    1. Miranda - thanks for your comment!
      Sphere3 has been working with RTLS from a staff engagement perspective from sometime now and we are excited to expand our expertise to work with assets.
      We fully recognize that asset management is only a portion of RTLS. Our suite of consulting services cover a broad spectrum of workflow. Our hospital clients look to us to help them select vendors, apply best practices for implementation,and manage the results of the application.


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