Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Alarm Fatigue Panel Discussion


Medical Devices have been created to notify a care team if the patient condition has slipped outside of the desired parameters.  The alarms are essential to provide safe care for patients.  The challenge is that when a device cries wolf (even if it’s reacting the way it was designed to react) that the care team begins to become fatigued….the more fatigued they are the higher the risk to patients.
There have been a number of solutions applied to the issue – everything from large technology investments to seek a better balance of “right alarm, right person, right time” to centralized alarm command centers to reduce the interruptions on the floor to simply creating policies that enable consistency on how alarms are to be treated and reacted too.

Join Commission is focusing on challenges to the care teams caused by ALARM FATIGUE. 
I will be hosting a panel discussion providing the HOSPITAL perspective…no vendors....at the 5th Annual Medical Device Connectivity Conference


Jennifer Jackson, Director of Clinical Engineering & Device Integration
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Marni Chandler-Nicoli RN, MPH, Intensive Medicine Clinical Program Manager
InterMountain Healthcare Clinical Operations

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