Thursday, February 23, 2012

HIMSS Day #2

Shameless Plug -  I present today at  Booth #8310 at 11:00am – you can see a demo of Aperum and get some insights into how we work with hospitals to reveal data to improve HCAHPS #4. 

The only word I can use to describe day two….busy….running from meeting to meeting and trying to squeeze in seeing some new and cool technology.    It seems this year that everyone is saying the word “Data” and how much they care about it much more than years past.   As I listened to different people describe their products it was all about the analytics and improvement and their ability to provide more data.  It’s pretty mind blowing…however I was given the best quote of the conference at dinner last night from the CIO of North Shore LIJ Health System.  (If you stop by the booth #8310 – I will tell you)
So, instead of telling you about every booth I went to yesterday – I want to highlight the one that impressed me the most.  I have to admit, I was reluctant to go to the Versus booth, but a very persistent marketing person from their organization emailed several times.  RTLS is a competitive space with a lot of technology differences – while I am not 100% sold on the hardware side of Versus – their software blew me away.      The roundtable presenter was a hospital person talking about her experience – talking about actual documented savings.   Then their Sales team spent time one on one with me presenting the software and new analytics tool.  Loved it – drill down reports – well laid out – very impressive.  Versus # 5852 – ask for Susan.  Other vendors should take note of this professional group. 

I ended my day at The Walking Gallery - the best part of my day.  I was able to see my friend Regina Holiday.  She is so impressive - she just wants to make things better - she is not looking to gain anything for herself execpt the opportunity to share her story.  She is so focused on the patient - so focused on finding ways to encourage people like me.  If you haven't met her - don't have a jacket - contact her @reginaholiday 

I will challenge you all - the data is not yours.  I get it rules, HIPPA, proprietary......but the data is not yours to hold. It's not my data. Your technology is a tool to enable the care of an individual.  What is your motivation? 

Short and Sweet today – If you have a chance I present today –  Booth #8310 – you can see a demo of Aperum and get some insights into how we work with hospitals to reveal data to improve HCAHPS #4.

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  1. Glad you didn't say "annoying" :o) Appreciate the feedback, glad you had a chance to hear first-hand from one of our customers and meet Susan. As to the hardware...that'll come in time. Over 20 years with the same hardware at several sites is pretty hard to beat in the industry!

    I'll be sharing your comments about our new reporting features with the development team. They have every reason to be proud. Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Miranda @ Versus


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