Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Translation Fascination

I have blessed to travel to several countries. I am always excited to see the sites, experience the culture, and of course – eat the food. One thing I have learned is in the countries where I don’t speak the language (so anywhere that they don’t speak English or Spanish) I can do very little without a translator. Believe me hand signals and acting out the need can only get you so far and does not work well in restaurants….and I do love to eat.

If you think about interoperability engines – each is a translator that allows for multiple items to speak with each other. The more “integrated” a engine provider is to the device the higher the level of communication you can provide. For example, I studied Spanish in a Classroom for 6+ years but I didn’t learn Spanish until I immersed myself in the culture and language when I lived in Seville, Spain. The culture and the language enhance your ability to communicate. The same is true for device integration – the more immersed you are in the product, the stronger the relationship - the more ability it will have.

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