Friday, April 30, 2010

Translation Fascination Part 2

The brilliance behind the early device integration software pioneers was the building of the library. There is significant VALUE  in the library of integrations. Anyone can build a little black box with a rules engine. (Please don’t throw things at me Integration Software folks - it's only slightly sarcastic)

Many different models have been taken to gain the library. Some “skim” the information off without building a relationship. This is a dangerous model that – while it works – updates can be missed. Some charge a fee to device manufactures which may seem like a poor model and not “open” but actually is smart. It makes people put skin in the game to ensure that development completes fully. Some work hard in the industry to build mutually beneficial relationships seeing a Co-development relationship that has more value long term and being less focused on the short term capital needs.
So why are these relationships so crucial? Think about it the changes in the language that might affect the way things are processed. Imagine if someone from 1776 tried to translate for someone in 2010.  "OMG that is so wrong - lol."  It wouldn’t work so well. That’s why building relationships between Integration Software and Device Manufactures is really important.

Sounds logical – almost easy right? Wrong. There are many device producers that are closed nations – they don’t share enough about their language to allow for high level translation. 

So is "Interoperability" a dream?

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