Friday, October 26, 2012

Compiling and Comparing Data

I work at a lot of coffee shops.  It’s not that we don’t have an office but there is something about being in a space with music, coffee, and energy.    There are always people there meeting for business – to stop collaborate and listen.   I have done it dozens of times myself – reached out to people who have expertise in a specific area or have started a business and can give insight from a been there, done that perspective.   This blog is spattered with some of those stories.

My one regret is how I have managed all the information that I have gathered in the last few years.  I take really crazy notes mostly with doodles and pictures.  When people say a picture speaks a thousand words- they are right (plus it’s easier to remember a picture).  The team jokes I have an addiction to spiral notebooks, there are about 50 in my office full of “valuable” information.   While I have gotten better about giving the algorithms to Kristal to be properly documented for evaluation, testing, and roadmapping  – there is a lot of information that is not that square – not a number, not an equation, more anecdotal but still important.   Those feelings that are just as important as a data point. 

I once had a friend describe working for a startup and watching the CEO of that company change in the years of its build.  The story itself was not uncommon to many I have heard before, but for some reason his words describing his perception of the emotional state of the CEO were.  Perception of the event or process – feelings – are as important as hard data.

We are working on ways to capture those thoughts of caregivers and nurses so that the square data can be compared to squiggly line data – thoughts, impressions, and ideas.  Active comparison to perception vs the reality of a situation will help to create more accurate benchmarks….just because you can be staffed to have a 10 second response time….is it necessary?  That was a hard question for me – my gut says YES of course if we can and we should but reality is there is always a cost associated with the movement.  I almost hate to say it but in this dynamically changing industry…. Is that worth the cost….

The balance between delivering the hospital leadership perception of service excellence and delivering an “Always” can be two different things. 
The “Always” can be more accurately attained if you understand the reality of the perception of the patient – if you create an expectation and meet it.  The “Always” cannot be obtained when we set unreasonable expectations with our patients, or we fail to meet a basic level of expectation.

Best Coffee Shops in KC for Working....

Mildreds in The CrossRoads District
Roasterie in Brookside
Latte Land in Briar Cliff

Haven't found any I love out South so open to suggestions....

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