Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The 3rd Annual Medical Device Conference

I am really excited about the workshop S3 is presenting at the Medical Device Conference.  The presentation will take a look at how different types of industries measure effectiveness.  We are in process of touring, interviewing, observing, and documenting several interesting places to bring value to the MDC attendees. We will be looking at Shatto Milk Company, US Toy's 750,000 sq foot Distribution Center, a Call Center, a manufacturing facility, and more.  During the workshop we will use the case studies to determine how efficiency and effectiveness metrics were used to improve productivity, customer satisfaction, and more.   We will be applying the learning to developing useful metrics (IndicaresTM) for your hospital's patient communication platform.

I will be blogging about some of the experiences prior to the class so stay tuned to learn more.

Sign Up - this will be a lot of fun!


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