Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Confession....

A confession – focusing has never been my strong point. Some call it ADD others call it visionary, but mostly it’s just when I figure the puzzle out I am done. Since HIMMS my mind has been focused on ACOs, PCMH, and other items and different ways we can apply technology to those models to revolutionize healthcare. As I presented this long term vision to my team and watched the color drain out of their faces as my hands flew through the air – I realized in all fairness – the future is not today.

Today we have a set of technologies that must be leveraged to migrate today’s abilities with tomorrows vision. A more powerful vision then creating something new is to create a path that shows how to get from old to new. Reinventing the wheel in the healthcare environment is not necessarily the most effective or safe process.

So, the next few blog posts will be about today’s technology but with a twist.  In the spirit of collaboration - I hope to drive a conversation (whether on my blog or in your hospital) about what the technology today can do above and beyond it's basic "job". 

The first blog post series will be about Nurse Call - it can tell us immeasurably more about the patient then previously determined. Nurse Call - if applied correctly - can be an effective tool in mitigating risk associated with HACs.  Nurse Call is a workflow enabling tool....And locked inside that box is data that will change the way you manage capacity and the patient stay. 

Stay we go – hope you enjoy……

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