Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Keep it Simple Sweetie.....

I was recently asked why I related healthcare IT to a car in a previous post, and did I think that it made me sound less “techy” or intelligent?    Forgive me while I soap box a bit - One of the things that bothers me about healthcare IT is we use overly fancy words, acronyms, and phrases to describe something really simple. While I understand this is similar in many industries – for example, the dentist yesterday he used 15 different words to describe my sore tooth. It’s the second tooth from the back on the right side people! Bicuspus chomper regularus painfulugus!

It would be easier if we could all just translate a little. That’s why I try to use a lot of non-healthcare and non-IT analogies. Not because I don’t understand – because I do. I understand that to most people we work with the concept is more powerful then a detailed description of the program or Code. The result is more critical then the how.

To those of you who program – don’t get me wrong I understand that the details must be covered and if not then the concept can never occur.  To those of you who live in the concept – the details drive you nuts but without them your vision is just words.  Words accomplish very little.

With everything occuring in Healthcare IT - communicating between technical and non-technical people is critical to making things work right.

What do I know?  I am just a little gal from Missouri…..with a company that takes “Anything that rings, dings, or buzzes and we design the workflow to get it to a wireless gadget that a caregiver carries.”

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  1. RDB-- ring ding and buzz... I like the sound of what we do..


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