Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The 5 I's of Fall Mitigation

Our Goal is to reduce falls in the patient rooms – whether or not you hire Sphere3. I believe in the power of the conversation for the overall improvement of healthcare. I encourage you to read what is written and add to it. We have had a great team working to develop this framework but I believe in the power of collaboration.

Collaboration outside of healthcare can also be powerful. As many hospitals have discovered, manufacturing may have some ideas that could answer some of the questions. What are other industries that may compliment process improvement for healthcare?

The First "I": Introduce

The basic premise of the first “I” is to describe how the patient is introduced to the unit. This is not a, “hello my name is Joe, what’s yours?” It is how do they get there and once they are there how do people know? Not that we are recommending a camp like cheering section to greet them in a tunnel but how are the caregivers on the unit provided with information that a new patient has arrived. What’s the “on-boarding” process? One consideration for this process will be, is it important for everyone to know a new patient has arrived?

There is considerable time savings opportunities (and cost savings as well) prior to arrival on the unit. There are several areas to consider including how are you tracking the time from entry to bed and all the steps in between? How is the transporter contacted and how are they tracked? How does the hand-off work?

What are your thoughts on Introduce – Transport – Notification?

Our team works with your hospital to customize a strategy to respond to the above questions. Our Fall Mitigation Analysis software program allows us to document, analyze, and provide innovative recommendations for improvement. Your information is assessed against best practices for optimal results.

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